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How to Get an Inferno Metabolism—

Rachel Pastor Coaching Fat Burning Guide


The Fitness and Nutrition Bundle

Much more than a buzzword—here’s what you need to know about an inferno metabolism?

Very simply put, to turn your metabolism into an “inferno,” we create change in your body with our knowledge of macronutrients. Counting your macronutrients (or macros as they’re often called) is a style of eating where you consume a certain amount of fats, proteins, and carbs. The percentages consumed of each of these macronutrients can help you reach your goals, boost your metabolism, and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Why did I create this fat-burning guide?

I can’t stand fad diets! Why? Because they aren’t sustainable and often not based on any real science. I want to teach anyone who will listen what creates incredible, long-lasting results. Counting your macros allows more flexibility and freedom while you are losing fat. 

And since it doesn’t require adopting any crazy restrictions, counting macros is sustainable and teaches people how to eat a balanced diet to better fuel their bodies. Learning balance with food, eating more, gaining muscle, and speeding up metabolism help people get off the dreaded yoyo dieting train. 


Understanding macros and how they fuel my body instead of restricting what I eat has been a game changer.  Rachel has helped me be able to eat food the best way for strength and health.

I feel AMAZING! I look in the mirror for the first time in 34 years and I feel strong and proud. I have confidence I have never had. I don’t cringe when my husband touches my skin. And most importantly I have self-love, respect, and feel empowered.  I am enjoying being in my skin for the first time EVER. And I truly feel in love with food and have ZERO guilt around what I eat.


Guidance and a plan from Rachel on how to reach my goals helped a lot! Learning how much to eat without restricting to reach my goals has been a game changer. Now I really understand how to get my metabolism moving. Commitment and consistency! I am so happy that I finally get it!

I’m a COVID rut. Feeling overwhelmed, down, taken out of  good habits, struggling with weight gain and the transition of her daughter being home from school while she was working full time from home. But boy did she show up! Losing 28lbs and 20 inches. She was 100% committed to feeling better.

Before I had the tools I was eating way to little food to maintain any sort of weight-loss. Talking with Rachel and learning to fuel my body for the energy I need has helped me reach unthinkable goals! 

I got so much more then I was expecting more then just eat this and go workout. I was given the tools to reach my goals within my lifestyle and availability for ultimate success. I feel amazing every day unlike before. Im in clothing sizes I haven't worn in 10 Years. With a full time job 50 hour weeks, Wife and 2 kids I easily accomplished so much and learned so much!

One of the first things Rachel said to me is, “I will make sure you reach your goals, but you have to put in the work.” And that’s exactly what happened. She gave me the tools to not only put in the work, but to reach my goals. I set and achieved goals that I had never thought were possible for me!

What You Get with My Fitness and Nutrition Bundle!


Macros 101 Guide

This guide teaches you everything you need to know to turn your metabolism up! You’ll learn what macros are, what YOUR unique daily macro count is, which foods to eat to meet your daily macros, and how to track them.  

Nutrition 101 Video

The Nutrition 101 video explains in 50 minutes how macronutrients work in your body to burn fat and turn your metabolism into an inferno. You’ll also learn why balanced macronutrient intake helps you gain muscle and burn fat.

Workout Guide—Resistance Band Edition 

The workout guide contains one month of strength training workouts you can do from anywhere using a resistance band. 

Fitness 101 Video

This 40-minute video teaches you the difference between cardio and strength training and which workouts are most effective for fat loss and why. 

Rachel Pastor Coaching Facebook Group

My private Facebook group is full of like-minded people with the same goals. Besides community and accountability, you’ll have access to weekly live mini-lessons and Q & A sessions and exclusive access to other Rachel Pastor workshops and courses.


Nutrition & Fitness Bundle - $109


Optional Add-On Coaching Call

You can also add on one 60-minute one-on-one coaching call with me, Rachel Pastor. On this call, I will create a plan for you to reach your goals, answer any of your health and fitness questions, and get your mind set up for success to crush your transformation.  

Nutrition and Fitness Bundle w/ Coaching Call - $299 


*Important information on how to receive your nutrition and fitness bundle. 

Upon purchase, you will be asked to add a password to create an account for access to my coaching platform—Kajabi. 

If you already have an account on Kajabi with Rachel Pastor Coaching, you will simply log in. Kajabi will allow you to download your PDF guides and have access to the videos. We’ll schedule a coaching call through a link I will send to you after purchase. 

Fitness & Nutrition Bundle

- Macros 101 Guide

- Nutrition 101 Video

- Workout Guide—Resistance Band Edition

- Fitness 101 Video

Purchase Bundle $109

Fitness & Nutrition Bundle with call

- Macros 101 Guide

- Nutrition 101 Video

- Workout Guide—Resistance Band Edition 

- Fitness 101 Video

- 60 minute 1-on-1 call with Rachel Pastor to create a plan for you to crush your transformation!

Purchase Bundle with Call $299